Jill Pfeiffer

Professional Designer & Architectural Consultant

Jill Pfeiffer has been a professional designer and architectural consultant for nearly two decades.  After graduating from Colorado State University with a degree in interior design, she began her career assisting friends, family and neighbors with their design needs while raising her children.  Eventually, she evolved her passion for design into a thriving business that has grown in size and scope in each successive year.

Jill works closely with homeowners to create unique and compelling designs that are beautiful, innovative, functional, and reflect the client’s personal tastes and vision.  Ideally, she becomes involved with a project at conception and remains engaged until completion, taking care along the way to thoroughly understand and then translate the client’s preferences and functional requirements into unique, one-of-a-kind designs with an emphasis on custom features.

In addition to being a highly experienced designer of interiors, custom furniture, doors, casework and light fixtures, Jill’s strong knowledge of architectural and construction processes adds value to each assignment that involves new construction, remodeling or additions.  Jill remains current on the latest new products and technologies and maintains strong relationships with vendors in all relevant areas impacting the design process.

At the client’s option, Jill can bring to bear the experience and talents of her regular team of skilled craftsmen in areas ranging from cabinetry and door making to tile setting and to rough and finish carpentry.  Of course, she is also comfortable working with contractors of the client’s choosing.

In all cases, Jill strives to ensure an excellent customer experience, a unique and beautiful design outcome, and a project that is completed on time and on budget.

“Jill helped us with two major renovations in our house. Jill did a great job determining what we wanted. We are very pleased with the outcome of our remodeling. We use all  of our space more efficiently and it looks great.”
~Sue Cluff


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